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    Life after your GDL Lash Lift...

    Life after your GDL Lash Lift...

    In 2018, The Eyelash Emporium premiered GDL- Gravity Defying Lashes, the ultimate lash lift. Lash lifts have taken over the beauty industry and it's rapidly becoming a go-to treatment.

    So, with these naturally beautiful lashes which are low in maintenance, cost effective, long lasting and does not harm your natural lashes. How should you take care of them after your treatment?

    Within the first 24 hours of your GDL, they need a little TLC to ensure you receive maximum results from your lash lift. It’s important to follow the correct aftercare treatment as your lashes are delicate after lifting.

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    Oh, how we've missed you Hay Fever

    Oh, how we've missed you Hay Fever. How will this affect my GDL Lash Lift? From snow storms to heat waves, the UK has championed through it all this year. We have experienced a very hot summer and we’re struggling. This is due to the high pollen count, resulting in the dreaded Hay Fever. We love the long light nights, drinking cocktails and the golden glow – but, from as early as March we enter Hay fever season. See how we deal with lashes during this oh-so-challenging time. 

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    6 Reasons Why A GDL Lash Lift Will Transform Your Life

    Ditch the mascara and say goodbye to the eyelash curlers.
      Say hello to natural, gorgeous lashes. GDL is a treatment that lifts and extends the lashes from the root, straightening them for an instant fuller effect. No need for mascara or eyelash curlers as your lashes will be tinted and curled. View Post
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      Hay Fever & Eyelash Extensions

      As summer is here you may find more and more clients are visiting you with hay fever. On our training in the Classic Individual Eyelash Extension course at The Eyelash Emporium, we teach not to do a treatment on a client with hay fever as it is a contra-indication. Why do we recommend not treatin... View Post
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      Presenting Dumonts

      We're very excited to announce we now have Dumont tweezers in stock!  So what are Dumont Tweezers? Dumonts are made in Switzerland from a high quality steel. The ergonomical shape of Dumont tweezers allows therapist to hold them with ease. What treatments can Dumonts be used for? Dumonts are a mu... View Post

    Top Tips & Hints from The Experts at The Eyelash Emporium

    From troubleshooting to the best tweezers to use for each type of application, we are able to provide all the answers you need to become a fantastic lash artist.