Special Effects xD Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Training Birmingham

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Special Effects xD Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course in Birmingham 

At each of The Eyelash Emporium Training Studios across the UK, we offer an exceptional level of education whether it be within our Classic Individual or Special Effects xD Russian Volume courses.

xD Russian Volume training at our Birmingham venue is taught by leading ladies Jo McGovern and Anne Perry. 

Course Content:

  • 2d -6d
  • Weights
  • All Techniques
  • Eye Shapes
  • Application
  • Removal Infills

Pre Requisites:

  • Recommendation of 6 months Experience 
  • Submission of existing Classic work
  • Proof of current qualification
  • Proof of insurance – public liability

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Contents: 2 days in class course session and 3 case studies assessment.

Course Cost: Total cost of the course is £595, including kit

Unable to pay the total course cost upfront? Part-payment is available for our training courses over the phone with our customer care team on 01753 650656.

Find out a little more about Jo here:

"I’ve been doing beauty therapy for over 12 years with my love for all things beauty starting while working for Clarins. Since then I’ve worked with various product houses and many different products. I started my own salon back in 2009 and owned it for 5 years until I decided to sell.

I started seeing a huge amount of excitement around lashes back in 2008 while I was researching the salon prior to opening, and while at Professional Beauty London I booked a training course, and my love for lashes started.

A year later I began work as an educator.

I believe my training style is relaxed but informative and I believe it's a skill for life that can be carried over into all aspects of beauty and beyond. I love lashes and creating all different looks as it is a treatment that people get “hooked" on and their an instant wow factor. The key to a fab set is the wonder of people not knowing if you are using a good mascara or have extensions!

Anyone thinking about doing the course shouldn’t hesitate to book  it will boost you business and also your skill set. I always say: “Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting."

Find out a little more about Anne here: 

"My entry into the beauty industry started in 2009 when I bought a beauty salon as a business investment. The hardest business decision I made, but the one where I learnt more than I could ever imagine!



My first foray into the lash world in 2010 on a classic extension course. I went off to Yorkshire to train thinking it would be easy. I left the course in tears – I just couldn’t believe it was so hard!



Determined to succeed but with very little money, I bought a melon, cut it in half and stuck some cheap strip lashes onto the side. I spent every spare minute practising on my melon! Every person I could knew, be they male or female, was roped in to being my model and I brought my time down from three hours to 90 mins. I realised then that I was hooked – the look on my client’s face when they see the perfect set of lashes I have just applied for them – that’s my WHY.



I really wanted to be good at this lash wizardry, so I went on as many courses as I thought would make a difference.



2013/2014 saw me teaching general beauty for a local wholesaler – it seemed the logical step as I had loved training in a previous career. I was still lashing in salon and just wanted to improve, so I went on a workshop with some well known lash gurus for mentoring on volume lashes.



I can see I have the technique, I just need to practice as much as I can!



The summer of 2016 I started my career as a lash trainer. 



I am passionate about lashes, I love the way they make people feel, and I relish the challenge of a re-balance or fresh set.



Working with Eyelash Emporium is a dream come true – I have to keep pinching myself to bring myself back to reality! I am looking forward to training and supporting more students in this fabulous brand, and really looking forward to working with the new opportunities this position presents."


Book on to your chosen date online or by calling us on 01753 650656.
Please note deposits for our training courses are non-refundable. Over 18s only.

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