• Glam Lash XPL Express Lash Bundle
  • Glam Lash Bundle

Glam Lash Bundle

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Featuring a bold mix of lengthy individual lashes and high impact, dense fans giving that unapologetic, full glam look. 

Save over 45% with this Glam Lash Bundle worth £75.95.

Glam Lash Bundle includes:

  • Long Stem Pre-Made Fans 4D 0.10mm
  • Long Stem Pre-Made Fans 5D 0.07mm
  • Wide Stem Pre-Made Fans 4D 0.10mm
  • C-Curl Mixed Length Lash Trays 0.25mm
  • Sensitive Adhesive
  • Lash Card 

This express look is perfect for beginners new to lashing who require some help with mapping out different looks, or any salons that are wanting to offer an express lash treatment that only takes 30-40 minutes.

You can get up to 10 treatments from this kit and can charge anywhere between £25 to £40 per treatment. Meaning you could make a potential return of around £360 from this one kit! 

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