B-Curl Full Screen 'Mink' Lashes (Mixed Lengths)

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From natural to va va voom, create and define the look of your client’s dreams with our leading lashes.

Our Premium B-Curl Mixed Length tray lashes with 9 different lengths!

A natural effect with a hint of glamour is always a show-stopper with our beautiful B-Curl lashes. This subtle curl is a must-have for creating a timeless look that suits a variety of eye shapes and lash profiles.

A great lash goes a long, long way, which is why all of ours are made with PBT.

Our lashes have a strong depth of colour, meaning you can achieve a denser, fuller look. Hand finished in South Korea, ensuring quality in each lash.

The advanced polymer that is super soft, light and silky but deceptively tough, holding its curl.

Available in thicknesses 0.07mm-0.25mm.

Our Mixed Length lash trays contain 16 strips, that's over 3000 lashes!

We take the issue of animal testing very seriously and can assure you that we don’t use real Mink hair. All of our products are vetro tested meaning no animals have taken part in the creation of our lashes.

Please note, we're currently in the process of updating our lash trays, so they start at 7mm lengths and finish at 13mm lengths. Some trays you may receive may feature these new lengths, but the product you will receive is still the same award-winning quality.

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